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Memphis Locksmith Expert Advice: UPVC Doors vs. Solid Wooden Doors, Which Is the Best Option for You?

These days, homeowners have numerous options at hand when it comes to convenient security upgrades designed to make them feel safe and comfortable at home or at the office. This incredible diversity could make the less informed owners really puzzled and indecisive. Most of them have lots of questions on their mind, regarding the effectiveness of their locks, doors, windows and safes installed to offer a superior level of protection. You too might wonder: is a UPVC door the best alternative to classic wooden front doors? Which is the best option for me and my family? Use the expert info listed below, provided by Memphis locksmith to make an informed purchase.

UPVC doors offer effective protection against bad weather

UPVC doors definitely represent one of the hottest innovations for millions of American homeowners, hoping to purchase a new type of front door made from a durable, highly resistant material which absorbs and preserves heat and rejects cold air and humidity coming from the outside in the most effective manner. This is one of the reasons why UPVC doors are a great alternative to solid wooden doors, which are prone to extensive water and moisture damage. You should know that UPVC doors are hollow and they are usually filled with high-quality insulative materials, protecting you from bad weather and displaying an increased resistance. According to Memphis locksmith, UPVC doors have become increasingly popular among millions of American homeowners over the last decade.

UPVC door have an impressive lifespan

Do you want to find out more about the benefits of UPVC doors? Contact your trusted Memphis locksmith and he will give you all the right answers. He will most likely tell you that some of the most remarkable advantages of UPVC are the following: easy maintenance, high security standards, increased insulation, effective bad weather protection and of course, an elevated lifespan of approximately 35 years. Taking all these factors into consideration, how could anyone still say no to the installation of a brand new UPVC door, performed by Memphis locksmith?

UPVC doors cost less than a solid wooden door

Most homeowners are fully aware of the fact that a new, high-quality front door is always a big investment that should be planned in advance. There's no room for bargains and compromises when your personal safety is on the line, so be prepared to invest what it takes in the best products. Fortunately for you and millions of other American homeowners, most UPVC cost less than a solid wooden door, whose manufacturing process usually require a handmade finish, special tools and products and countless hours of laborious work.

EXPERT TIP: It seems that UPVC doors have gradually become the number one choice for a huge number of American families, due to their long list of advantages. One question still remains unanswered: do these doors really offer an increased level of protection for our assets and our loved ones? According to Memphis locksmith, it really depends on the type of door locks that we plan to install. It seems that up to 95% of all UPVC doors sold in the US are ineffective because their owners have decided to install standards locks. In this case, a burglar would manage to break inside your home in less than 60 seconds. Is there a smart, cost-effective solution to this problem? Actually, there is. Memphis locksmith employed by a respectable company, like AA Locksmith, will always advise us to install an ABS cylinder lock, introduced in 2011 to prevent property damage and theft in a successful manner.

All in all, it seems obvious that our safety is in our hands. We could either improve it, or compromise it. Count on expert advice provided by Memphis locksmith hired by AA Locksmith, a respectable full service locksmith company offering excellent locksmith services and cost-free guidance, to re-establish your comfort zone inside your own home.

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